Please take your seats the intermission will be over in 5 minutes……

Well not really 5 minutes but nearly. Some might think that being funemployed and having nearly zero social life might mean that I have a lot of time on my hands. Well seemingly I don’t. I have been absent from the blog for a little while as I am studying and have had to take a bit of time to catch up after Christmas and write a mammoth essay. There has also been house renovations, our own bike storage project in the shed and a lot of cooking going on. A lot of cooking. Currently Mangoes are in season and we have 3 trees in the garden. Its been a good year for the crop and we have had mangoes coming out of our ears. The next set of posts will be covering the glut of mangoes and hopefully it doesn’t come too late to be of use to anyone in a similar position.


So aside from the mangoes we climbed Mount Warning on new years day to watch the sunrise. It turned out to be cloudy, but we did have some wonderful colours in the sky. I have no words to express my dismay at the crowd of young British backpackers who where incredibly drunk, had ignored no camping signs, no fire signs (there was a total fire ban in the area as well as the ban in national parks), where persistently littering and had no notion that the site is a sacred place to the  Bundjalung Nation. One of them noticed my accent and tried to speak to me, I told him I was ashamed to be British because of them and he soon gave up.


The climb was much harder on the legs than I thought it was going to be. My poor cycling muscles took a beating and the remainder of my rides that week resulted in post ride sagging. That was before ex tropical cyclone Oswald came to town.




We were left without power for 3 days, this meant no water either as we pump from a tank or the river depending on the tank levels. We pulled buckets out of the swimming pool for washing and flushing and dipped into the tank (precarious) for kitchen use. The house is built for maximum shade in the sun so all indoors activities needed a head torch. The stove-top is hooked up to a gas tank so we could cook, luckily for our guests! We had friends of my in-laws staying for the whole week so it was a little interesting. They were suitably impressed by our limited cooking and my Dad-in-law turning the motor-home into a massive (but inefficient) generator to save the freezer.


IMG_0724When I first arrived in Oz my brother in law gave me one of his old bikes and once the weather improved I had a chance to service it and put it back together. My husband and I also put up some shelves and bike storage in the “shed” (really a massive garage for the huge motor-home) and sorted all our miscellaneous bike parts out. Since building up bike number 3 it has rained. I don’t mind riding in the wet but when it rains it pours and torrential downpours where you can’t see or hear the impending traffic is not my idea of fun. So I have mainly been housebound cooking for the last few weeks since the storm. But with produce like this who can blame me that I would rather stay in than ride my new bike.



IMG_0012In total 3 batches of macarons. I am no where near blogging about these and they were such a pain I’m currently thinking I will never attempt them again. Still tasty though!



IMG_0888Breakfast muffins, a pre-ride snack full of wholewheat and quinoa for energy and protein.

IMG_20130203_170350Chilli Jelly.

IMG_0799Many Incarnations of Mango Jam.

IMG_0800Tropical frozen yogurt.


IMG_0891As well as steak dinners, more baked fish, mango cakes, pineapple cakes, chicken and beef skewers, chilli con carne, sorbets and tapas feasts.

So stay tuned, and you can always look at my tumblr if you want to see all the tasty goodies I have been snacking on recently…….




















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