Leftover turkey, the sandwich.

Don’t despair. I know we all have lots of turkey leftovers hidden at the back of the fridge we would not rather think about on Boxing day and no one wants to cook but FEAR NOT. It does make a rather tasty sandwich. And I’m not just talking about Turkey and cranberry sauce (ick).

As long as you have something to boost the flavour content in the back of your fridge just go for it. Turkey goes with virtually anything, just be bold. This sandwich contained:


  • Nice white sourdough bread.
  • Butter, of course.
  • Baba Ganoush, we have the most amazing stuff here. We buy its from Mullumbimby farmers market and its something I would normally make but this guys baba and hummus are so good I have stopped making it, that and his harissa is really good too.
  • Grilled piquillo peppers (just from a jar).


  • Sliced leftover turkey.
  • Tomato salsa, We have some wonderful leftover salsa from a mexican meal my brother in law made on Christmas eve but any kind of tomato corn chip dip sauce will do the job. You could add sliced tomato and chilli sauce or harissa instead.
  • Lettuce for a bit of texture.

While I started munching my husband started to rummage under the sink and came out brandishing a panini toaster. It took the sandwich to the next level. That and a glass of leftover red and another of white from yesterdays festivities. Hopefully this and the other sandwich ideas below can brighten up an otherwise gloomy boxing day for you.

Turkey, aioli and avocado. Cheats Aioli: before you spead anything else onto the bread, grab a peeled clove of garlic, bash it a little with the flat of a large knife, cut it in half and rub the cut side across the bread to impart some garlicky flvour. Then just use normal mayo.

Turkey, Christmas ham and cheese toastie. If you dont have a nice panini style sandwich toaster you can use a pre heated griddle pan. Just pop your sandwich into the pan and turn after a minute or two pressing down with a egg flipper or suchlike, you get stylish grill marks across your sandwich too.

Turkey, mango chutney, red onion and rocket. No extras here, the flavourful chutney does all the work but slice the onion very thinly to keep it subt.


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