yogurt is expensive

I was shocked by the price of food. Well, some food. Vegetables, and processed food. Meat on the other hand is cheaper than veg in the supermarkets. I was mostly shocked by the price of yogurt though. In the UK yogurt is only a little bit more expensive than milk, which is ridiculous really. Here, it’s about 5 times the price and as I really hate milk I eat quite a bit of yogurt. As I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment I thought I would have a go at making yogurt myself and it turns out its really simple. I am onto the 4th lot of home made yogurt and I think I have my method sorted. I have had to buy a new thermos as the one I had been using wasn’t easy to clean and ended up smelling like cheese but apart from that its amazing.


 Now I have locally grown fruit and home made yogurt with locally made honey for breakfast. Yes, bananas are local, its amazing. Not just content with begin smug for saving so much money and having great local fruit for breakfast I have been turning my hand to other yogurt based products. My Mum in law has a previously unused ice cream maker so I instantly thought, Low fat frozen yogurt. As I have to watch the calories a bit now I’m not riding as much it makes sense to replace the awful shop bought ice cream with low fat frozen yogurt. This is recipe mark II and its pretty good.

Berry Frozen Yogurt

frozen yogurt in process


 350g frozen mixed berries

1 litre yogurt

200ml milk

70g cup caster sugar


Ahead of time, thaw your berries. We are using old berries that we had too many of and had to freeze to stop spoilage, you wouldn’t want to use your best fresh fruit for this.

Once thawed, blitz the berries in a blender and sieve to get rod of the seeds and bits.

In a large bowl mix together the milk and sugar. If you are using store bought or sweetened yogurt then this should be plenty of sugar, if you are using home made or unsweetened yogurt then you might need to add more sugar. This bit is to taste really and requires a little experimentation.

Once the sugar has dissolved add the berry puree and the yogurt.

Pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and voila! Super tasty healthy treat time.

Yog 3


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